With 5 years of experience as a recruitment consultant, business governance expert, IT professional and in business development engineering, we can deliver on a wide variety of recruitment needs. I have an MSc in Finance and Corporate Governance. I am also a Chartered Secretary and Administrator, so you can be assured you are in safe hands.

Our client faces the daunting task of getting the right candidates that understand the current fast pace and hybrid muti-functional business processes.

We provide proactive candidates with an agile mindset, ready to engage beyond project delivery into value added product delivery. This puts our clients in a position of sustainable strength in their various sectors.

Why choose us?

  • We reduce clients’ overheads and save time in project and product delivery.
  • We ensure manpower resources have capacity for multiple collaboration for timely and speedy delivery of expectations.
  • We improve the profits of our client by getting them the right candidates for their manpower requirements.

What we do.

We have a global network of agents that source highly skilled workers. We have a career development training package to enhance our candidates’ chances of securing lucrative employment opportunities globally. We train, mentor, and ensure sustainable employment placement. We have worldwide knowledge and expertise that enhance the chances of our recruits to be gainfully employed.

Areas we can help.

Health and Social Care: Nurses, Doctors, Support workers, Senior care Assistance and Care Assistance.

IT and Technology related sectors: Business Analyst, Software testing, Developers and programmers, Project managers, PMO analyst, Scrum Masters, Project delivery managers, Web developers and designers, Digital engineering experts and Agile professionals.

Construction and Engineering: Project Engineers, Building Engineers, Architects, Construction Managers, Civil Engineering ground workers, Construction Tradesmen, Railway engineers, Engineering Supervisors, Safe Work Leaders.

Oil and Gas: Rack SEMA approved inspectors, Corrosion Engineers, Safety Experts, Chemical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Gas and Turbines designers and Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Guided Waves experts and Pipeline servicing and maintenance experts, Pipeline Security and Protection Officers.

Security and Logistics: SIA Badge Door Security personnel, CCTV monitoring security personnel, Sites protection officers, Concierge Protection and Management Officers. Storage and warehouse operatives, Bus drivers, Delivery drivers, Trucking professionals.

Cleaning: Commercial cleaners and operatives, Hotels cleaners and maintenance operatives, Construction Sites Cleaners, Leave pickers and Council estate maintenance operatives.

Railway Maintenance Consulting: Ground workers, Trackmen, Painters, Bricklayers, Signaling operatives, Points Ops, Track Cleaners and Railway Gagmen.

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